Sunday, March 8, 2009

Flowers Everywhere!

Bead making has been occupying me lately.  I have been thinking that with the awful state of the world economy that more and more people will want to make their own jewelry.  I know when I started beading, I got really tired of buying store bought beads all the time.  It was such a treat to buy beads that weren't expensive but were still high quality.  So, I decided to make beads just like that because there weren't that many around.  There are lots of high quality beads but they carry high prices, too.  ANyway, take a look at some of my latest.  I wish I could figure out just how to photograph the faux jade.  It is just beautiful but I am having a miserable time getting a good picture.  I'll keep trying!  :D


lidia paradis said...

I love your butterfly beads!!

MoeArt said...

Thanks! :D